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Breed Directory

The Club maintains referral lists of reputable breeders as a resource for people interested in purchasing a quality pure-bred puppy or adult dog or in rescuing a companion dog. Members often can be helpful with questions you may have regarding a dog that best suits your lifestyle.

The Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs & Breeders offers a Pure-Bred Dog Breeders Directory for $5

The Breeders directory will soon be available on-line.

Please note: The Old Dominion Kennel Club (ODKC) does not license, endorse, guarantee or recommend breeders. All information in this list was provided by the breeders. ODKC is not responsible for the accuracy of any information contained in this list. In providing you with this list, ODKC makes no representations as to the character or reputation of any breeder listed or to the quality, health, soundness or suitability of any puppy you may decide to obtain from any listed breeder. You must satisfy yourself that any puppy you choose to obtain from a breeder is healthy, sound and meets your requirements. You may find more information about choosing the right puppy for you at: 

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